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COINage Readership Survey

We’re proud of COINage and strive to produce a quality publication, but we know there is always room for improvement. You can help by sharing your opinion with us. Please take a moment to fill out this readership survey.

You can also take the survey on our website: www.coinagemag.com or find it in the August 2012 issue of COINage. We appreciate your feedback.

1. I am

2. My age is

3. Total yearly household income

4. Occupation

5. How would you rate the overall quality of a typical issue of COINage?

6. What would improve the quality of COINage for you?

7. On average, how long do you usually keep an issue of COINage?

8. On average, how many people read your copy of COINage?

9. Which FIVE of the following choices would you most like to see in future issues of COINage?

10. What are your top FIVE areas of interest in the hobby?

11. How many years have you been collecting coins?

12. Do you belong to a coin club?

13. Have you attended a coin show?

14. If yes, which show(s)?

15. What is your primary purpose for collecting coins?

16. On average, how many coin purchases do you make each year?

17. Where did you make your most recent coin purchases?

18. Please indicate which of the following items you plan to purchase in the next 12 months

19. Additonal Comments?