* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. Division

* 3. Department

* 4. Course Number and Section(s)
i.e. SOC 153 A

* 5. ABSL

* 6. Community Partner(s)

* 7. In what ways did the ABSL component enhance/achieve your student learning goals for the course?

* 8. How do you assess/evaluate the result?

* 9. What assignments did you give your students to help them integrate their ABSL experience into the content of the course?

* 10. What methods of reflection were employed in your class to deepen student connection between their service and their learning? Mark all that apply.

* 11. What communication did you have with the site supervisor(s) at your community organization(s)? Mark all that apply.

* 12. To your knowledge, what orientation did students receive? Mark all that apply.

* 13. What is your assessment of how well students were oriented for their ABSL experience? What could be improved?

* 14. Please comment on the successes and difficulties of working in partnership with your community organization(s).

* 15. What are some ways in which the ABSL coordinators could better assist you and/or your students in the ABSL component of your class? What resources or assistance from ABSL coordinators and Service-Learning Center staff would be helpful to you in your course development?

* 16. Would it be helpful for student ABSL coordinators to visit your class at the end of a semester to facilitate reflection on your students' service-learning experience?

* 17. If yes, what would be an ideal timeframe for this activity?