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1. How would you grade USATF’s broadcasts for the 2011 Indoor Season?

  A B C D F
104th Millrose Games
New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

2. If you watched the broadcasts both this year and last year, overall, were these broadcasts better or worse than previous years' broadcasts?

  Better Worse Same/Not Sure I didn't watch both years
Millrose Games
New Balance GP (Previously Reebok BIG)

3. If the broadcast quality was different (either better or worse), is the change because of (choose all that apply):

4. Which member of the broadcast team, in your opinion, adds the most to the quality of the broadcast?

5. What would you MOST like to see in future broadcasts (Please choose 3)?

6. Do you have any preference as to whether track meets are broadcast live or taped?

7. Which types of events do you most enjoy in track and field broadcasts?

8. About You:
I am a (check all that apply):

9. Please add any thoughts or suggestions for future broadcasts: