* 1. When contacting Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell by phone, I find that my call is answered promptly and courteously.

* 2. When making appointments, I find that my needs as an employer can be accommodated.

* 3. The Medical Staff provides clear and consistant information about clients who have received care at Avera Occupational Medicine Clinic-Mitchell

* 4. I receive prompt communication; (call/fax/email), regarding the work status of employees...ie...(post injuries, pre-employment offers, first aid plans, and TPA)

* 5. Drug Screen/Breath Alcohol Screens are reported in a timely manner?

* 6. Invoices that are received for services rendered are detailed and include ALL information to process payment?

* 7. Overall professional services provided by Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell were professional?

8. How can Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell improve services to meet your needs?

9. Would you be interested in any of the following educational offerings?

10. Please List any services that you would like Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell to Offer?