1. In general, I find out about local events, concerts and activities from (mark all that apply):

2. I find out about library activities and services from (mark all that apply):

3. I wish I heard more about the library from (mark all that apply):

4. What library activities and services would you like to hear more about?

  I would like to hear more. I hear just the right amount. I would like to hear less.
Children’s activities (story times, arts and crafts, special events)
Technology classes
Activities for adults (genealogy club, book discussion, Pinterest group)
CLASS courses (Courses on a variety of topics that require pre-registration and payment)
New books, ebooks, audiobooks, movies and music
Research resources and databases

5. On a scale of 1-5, rate how strongly you associate the following words with the library, 5 being strongly associated and 1 being not associated at all:

  1:Don't associate 2 3 4 5: Strongly associate

6. What is your gender?

7. What is your age?

8. Please add any additional suggestions or comments: