Each year the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America (SETAC NA) provides a limited amount of funding to regional chapters in support of short courses. The funds are intended to supplement the existing Regional Chapter budgets. Proposals must be received by February 1 of each year. All proposals will be reviewed by the Regional Chapter Committee Chair and the SETAC NA Short Course Committee. Awards will be announced in the spring prior to regional chapter meetings.

Short course proposals will be judged based on the following criteria:
- Financial needs of the Chapter
- Relevance to the Chapter Meeting
- Previously received funding
- Thoroughness of the proposal.

Certain items will not be funded. These include:
- Honoraria or fees for instructors
- Refreshments
- Excessive travel costs for instructors (use of local instructors should be maximized)

After the course is held, cost documentation should be submitted to the SETAC office (attention LauraSwanon) for reimbursement. Under special circumstances, funds may be requested in advance of the short course.

*Mandatory information

* 2. Annual Meeting Dates

* 3. Annual Meeting Location

* 4. How long is the course?

* 5. Was the course previously offered?

* 6. Did you receive short course funding from SETAC in either of the past 2 years?"

* 7. Is the short course an adaptation of a nationally offered short course?

* 8. Could the short course be adapted as a national short course?

* 9. Point of contact