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Medical Education Grand Rounds Registration - Fall 2011

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  Monday 7am-8am Tuesday 12noon-1pm Wednesday 4pm-5pm
Generational Differences or Changing Times in Medicine: Will the Millennials Take Good Care of Us?, Presented by Drs. Caroline Haynes and Robert Drucker (October 3-5) NO TUESDAY SESSION
Essentials of Effective Feedback, Presented by Drs. Diana McNeill and Larry Greenblatt (November 7-9)
Teaching Efficiently in the Outpatient and Inpatient Setting: Juggling Act, Magic Trick, or Mission Impossible? (December 5-7)
Professionalism: Understanding its Impact on Medical Education and Practice, Presented by Dan Ariely (ONLY SESSION - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4)
Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform of Medical Education: Medical Schools and Residency, Presented by Dr. Molly Cooke (February 6-8)
Making Presentations Even More Impactful, Presented by Dr. Jonathan Marks (March 5-7)

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