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* 1. On how many occasions do you participate in sport and physical activity a week?

2. If answered 'yes', how many hours do you participate on college site or sport organised by the college?

* 3. Please state what sport you do at the college?

4. If answered 'yes' how many hours do you participate out of college?

5. Do you represent the college in any competitive sport?

* 6. If answered 'yes' please state which sport or physical activity?

7. If answered 'no', are there any sports you would like to participate or represent the college at?

8. If you would like to participate or represent the college at any other sports please state here

* 9. If you would like to do activities at college, when would you like to do them? (Please tick as appropriate)

10. Do you participate in any 'intra' college sport? (Intra college sport means competitng against other students from the college)

* 11. If answered 'yes' please state sport

* 12. Are you involved with a sports club in the community?

* 13. If answered yes, please give name and address of club

* 14. What is you role at the club? e.g. coach, umpire, referee, admin assistant, events organiser etc

* 15. Are you currently involved in any sports leadership? (i.e. you hold a formal coaching, leadership qualification and are actively involed in leading?)

* 16. If answered 'yes' where does the leadership take place and what qualifications have you gained?

* 17. Do you volunteer at sport?

* 18. If answered 'yes' where?

* 19. What is your volunteer role? (coaching, officiating, umpiring, website manager, finance, administrator)

20. Is there anything that you do not enjoy about sport and physical activity? Please list reasons

21. Personal Details:

If you have any other questions regarding the questionnaire please contact Kate Hansbury by emailing kate.hansbury@rrca.org.uk or telephone 07795 286855