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1. Please rank your favorite Boulder CX Series and CYCLO X Venues from this past season. Assume the same weather for each course in your evaluation (ie Louisville doesn't always get a foot of snow on race day) Please rank each venue 1-7

  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
Valmont Bike Park
Sienna Lake
Westminster City Park
Louisville Rec Center
Lyons High School

2. If you only have one day to race do you prefer Saturday or Sunday?

3. Do you consider yourself at heart one of the following. Please pick one

4. When you're not racing cyclocross what other activities do you participate in? You can select more than one choice

5. Would you like to see a Lemans style start in 2012 for one event? [ie Bikes are staged on bike racks 100m in front of the starting line, you're called up to the start line without your bike like a track meet, gun goes off, run to your bike and GO LIKE HELL!]

6. This season the Sienna Lake Venue was tested out as a CYCLO X Event, would you like to see it join the Boulder Cyclocross Series in 2012 [Please take the 30mph winds out of your decision]

7. On average how many times do you race per cyclocross season?

8. What did you love about the Boulder Cyclocross Series this season?

9. As we strive to continually improve season to season please let us know any suggestions you might have regarding; registration, course dynamics, series points, venues etc

10. We've been working on a new venue within Boulder County for 2012, but do you have an old favorite Boulder CX Venue from the past 11 years you'd like to see return?