Use of Products

Thank you for taking the time to complete the FreePint Survey: News Needs and Preferences for 2011. Please note that your responses will remain *FULLY* anonymous -- neither our editorial team nor any vendors will have the ability to connect responses with individuals/companies.

The questions on this page gather information about your preferences for news content at work.

* How important are each of the following to users at your organisation for their news content?

  1 - not important 2 3 4 - extremely important
News indexed by internal taxonomy
Deep archive
Sentiment or other meta-analysis
Newsletter features
Company news
Effective online customer service/help
Consumer-oriented news
Availability in mobile format
24/7 live customer service
Near real-time
Audio content
General financial news
Abstracted news items
Video content
Coverage of non-traditional sources (e.g., social media)
Text-based content
Industry news
Native language, other than English
Translated news

* How frequently do you do any of the following at work?

  Rarely or never Monthly Weekly Daily Multiple times per day
Receive a 'news alert' from a news resource based on custom criteria (e.g. search terms)
Deliver news search results to colleagues
Other interaction with news content (indicate below)
Test a new resource for news gathering (free or fee)
Search for news in video or audio format
Search for current news text
Access news on a smart phone or other mobile device
Advise colleagues on news resources
Search for archived news text

* When you consider a news resource for your organisation, how important are the following factors in a selection?

  1 - not important 2 3 4 - extremely important
Ability to monitor usage
Interactive features (e.g., tagging, rating, etc.)
Integration with internal tools and workflow
Customisation options
Ease of use for end users
Direct cost
Integrated sharing/internal publication features
Delivery formats
Advanced searching capabilities
Ability to bill usage to accounts
Availability in mobile format

* Do you integrate any news sources or content into your organisation's intranet?

* Does your organisation subscribe to any premium (paid for) resources for any content?