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* 1. What is your age?

* 2. Which library branch do you consider your home branch to be? Where you live closest to or go to the most.

* 3. Did you take part in Teen Summer Reading this summer? Teen Summer Reading is a program offered at the library where you read books, count the number of pages, and add them to a log to win prizes.

4. Did you like the way the Teen Summer Reading was set up this year?

5. What motivated you to sign up for Teen Summer Reading this year?

6. What were your top three favorite prizes from this year’s Teen Summer Reading?

7. Did you like being able to earn double the prizes for reading beyond 1200 pages?

8. Did you attend any of the events especially for teens this summer?

9. If no, why not?

10. If you attended any events, which ones did you attend?

* 11. Are there any kinds of events that you would have attended this year if we offered them? If so, what kind?

* 12. If you could change something about the Teen Summer Reading program, would you? If yes, what would you change and why?

* 13. Next year, the Teen Summer Reading Theme is “Beneath the Surface”. Are there any events you think we should have that you would attend?