States with Shortages

The map above shows all the locations we have as of July 2013.

Please leave any information you have about any of the states below being featured in any science-fiction, fantasy or horror based movies, television shows, comics or even literary references. Include names of cities, rivers or other landmarks when possible. Obscure references are welcome, but should either be from critically acclaimed sources or have the appropriate pop-culture credentials with the people who enjoy the genres. States left out are already well represented on the map (see above graphic).

1. What would you prefer to be featured in NYC

2. What would you prefer to be featured in Los Angeles

3. What would you prefer to be featured at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado

4. What would you prefer to be featured in Portland, Oregon

5. If any, which films listed below should be included despite their lacking in SciFi or Fantasy?

Below is a listing of all the states with shortages or with references we might like to improve upon. Feel free to help us out with any references you think we may not be aware of. Avoid obvious references like “The Walking Dead” in Georgia — but don’t be shy either. Also remember this is where the stories take place, not filming.

6. Alabama

7. Arkansas

8. Delaware

9. Florida (Panhandle Only)

10. Idaho

11. Indiana

12. Kentucky (Western Only)

13. Michigan (Northern Only)

14. Minnesota

15. Mississippi

16. Missouri

17. Montana

18. Nebraska

19. Nevada (Northern Only)

20. North Carolina

21. North Dakota

22. Oklahoma

23. Oregon (Eastern Only)

24. South Carolina

25. South Dakota

26. Texas (Western Only)

27. Utah (Northern Only)

28. Vermont

29. Virginia

30. West Virginia

31. Washington (Eastern Only)

32. Wyoming (Western Only)

33. Address (optional)