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Communications Survey (10 questions total)

1. Which Cascade Chapter, Sierra Club program(s)are most important to you? (please check all that apply)

2. How do you prefer to receive information from the Cascade Chapter? (please check all that apply)

3. Do you read the CREST?

4. When you receive the CREST, what are you more likely to read? (please check all that apply)

5. What would you like added to, deleted or see more of in the CREST? (please be specific)

6. Would you prefer to get the CREST?

7. How often do you visit our website www.Cascade.SierraClub.org?

8. What content or functions would you like added to, deleted, or see more of on our website? (please be specific)

9. What is your interest level in volunteering?

10. How do you prefer to donate to the Cascade Chapter and protect Washington’s environment?