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1. I felt the environment was welcoming and inclusive upon starting my employment with the Division of Student Affairs?

2. The training provided to me was appropriate and useful for my position here?

3. Policies, expectations and information relevant to my position were communicated clearly?

4. My supervisors are approachable?

5. I have easy access to materials needed to get my job done and make customers happy?

6. It is easy for me to work well with other units within the Division of Student Affairs in order to address student concerns and make them happy?

7. My supervisors provide useful feedback on my performance?

8. I would like an opportunity participate in an anonymous focus group to give feedback about jobs, supervisors, and work experiences within the Division of Student Affairs

9. How could the Division of Student Affairs have assisted you better in your role as a student employee?

* 10. Would you like to return next semester as a Division of Student Affairs student employee?