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Many of our members have asked us for marketing training and support. GAVS aims to provide help for the voluntary, community and faith sector in all underserved areas, thus we are now developing a plan for marketing training for third sector groups in Greenwich.

Marketing is especially important for the third sector, because it seeks to change people’s behaviours and attitudes alongside improving awareness and the take up of services.

To be able to develop a plan for marketing training tailored to your needs we would be grateful if you could complete this brief questionnaire and return it by 26th October to GAVS at email info@gavs.biz or fax 020 8858 1909. If you have any questions about this questionnaire please call GAVS on 020 8858 1363.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank You!

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* 1. Please state the name of your organisation.

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* 2. Please tick which kind of marketing training is required by your organisation:

  Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Developing a marketing strategy
Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning (Focusing on specific groups)
Value propositions (considering marketing when developing and improving services)
Public relations
Direct merketing
Online marketing
Monitoring and Evaluation

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* 3. Please tick when you would like to attend the training:

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* 4. Please tick at what time you would like to attend the training:

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* 5. Please tick your preferred location of training:

This information will be used to help GAVS to develop a training programme tailored to the specific marketing training needs of voluntary, community and faith organisations in Greenwich.

Thank you!!!