Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. We welcome your answers to any and all questions.
The results will be used to help meet the needs of residents and the community as a whole.

* 1. Are you a current resident of Jefferson County?

* 2. What kinds of goods and services (or what kinds of businesses) would you like to see available in Monticello and Jefferson County – either to you as a consumer or as a way of building the local economy (or both)?

* 3. Which goods/services do you now drive to Tallahassee or another close-by city for because you can't get what you want or need locally?

* 4. Would you be more likely to spend your shopping dollars here if these goods or services were accessible locally?

* 5. IF YOU HAVE TIME: What motivates you in deciding whether to travel to make purchases or to buy locally?

  Availability Quality Price Type/Choices Volume Value of My Time (no travel) Cost of Gas (if I travel) Conservation Goals
Health care
Beauty & fitness
Building supplies
Pet supplies
Movies or other entertainment
Sports events or recreation
Educational programs
Cultural activities
Department & discount stores
In General

* 6. What would you guess you spend per month, on average, on purchases outside of Jefferson County that you’d spend here if the goods/services were available here (for goods/services that a new or current local business could probably provide)?

* 7. Any other feedback you care to offer to help business growth, consumer choice and our local economy?

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* 9. For in-house use only: source of print forms:

Thank you again and stay tuned for a summary of the survey results.

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