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1. Introductory Questions

* 1. Please fill in the following information:

2. What is your grade?

3. What is your gender?

4. Why are you participating in the Supercomputing Challenge?

5. What do you think or hope you will learn?

6. How did you learn about the Supercomputing Challenge?

7. Please select all that apply

  Yes No
I have participated in a GUTS club
I have participated in a GUTS/SC Round Up Summer program (1 week)
I have participated in a GUTS summer workshop
I have participated in a SC Kickoff conference
I have taken a computer science class

8. Please select the response that best fits how you feel about each statement below.

  Strongly Agree Agree Slightly Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
I know how to select a real world problem that I can model.
I know how to make charts and graphs with data in a spreadsheet.
I am good at using technology to communicate what I've learned with other people.
I am good at using technology to better understand ideas that I learned in my classes.
I am good at collecting information using technology (e.g, Internet, search engines).
I know how to interpret data from computer models.
I am good at using technology for public speaking.
I know what it takes to be a good team member.
I am good at using technology to organize information (spreadsheets, word processing).
I am good at making spreadsheets for entering and sorting data.
I know how to use computer models to test hypotheses.
I know how to format a bibliography and cite sources.
I know how to chose an appropriate computing language to model a project.
I know how to write my own computer programs.
I know the value of using a mentor for a project.