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Take our short survey and enter for one of three chances to win a Belle Baby Carrier of your choice. These questions will help us understand what babywearing parents like you want in a baby carrier. We will choose the most detailed, useful, and creative answers and will notify you if you have won. Survey responses will be collected until December 15th and the winners will be notified soon after. Thank you so much and good luck!

* 1. List the brands of baby carriers you have used in the past.

* 2. Which of these carriers was your favorite? Why?

* 3. Which of these carriers was your least favorite? Why?

* 4. Why do you want to try a Belle Baby Carrier? What specific characteristics about Belle Baby Carriers intrigue you?

* 5. Is there anything about the Belle Baby Carrier that concerns you or causes you hesitation when deciding whether to purchase one? If so, please explain.

* 6. Do you plan to use another carrier in addition to a Belle Baby Carrier? If so, which one and why?

* 7. Rate the following in importance when you are shopping for a baby carrier.

  Extremely Important Not so Important
Comfort for you
Comfort for your baby
Ease of use
Brand Reputation
Manufacturing Location
Outward Facing Option
Hip Carry Option
Back Carry Option
Customer Reviews
Life span of carrier
Baby's Ergonomics

* 8. Which age range do you fall into?

* 9. Which U.S. State or country are you located?

* 10. How many children do you have and what are their ages? Would the carrier be a gift for someone else?

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