1. What should the Conservatives do next?

This is a special ConservativeHome.com survey that seeks your views on what the Conservatives should do next.

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* 1. The party currently enjoys an average opinion poll lead of just over 5%. What needs to be done to build an election-winning lead? Please state how strongly you agree or disagree with the following courses of action.

  Agree a lot Agree a little Disagree a lot Disagree a little Don't know
We need to put more energy into being an Opposition. We need to campaign harder against Gordon Brown and Labour's record on crime, tax, inflation and education. People don't realise how bad Labour's record is and we need to change that.
Campaign relentlessly on the three issues that matter most to voters: Crime, immigration and the NHS.
Focus on this May's local elections and Boris Johnson's battle to beat Ken Livingstone in London. Do well in those elections and decide next steps then.
Talk honestly to the British people about the extent to which the nation is broken. Broken in terms of economic competitiveness, criminality and the upbringing of children. Tell them that Britain needs to change course and tell them how the Conservatives will fix British society, just as we fixed the economy in the past.
A promise to give the voters of England a fairer deal. This should include an end to the subsidy of Scotland and stopping Scottish and Welsh MPs from voting on laws that only affect people living in England.
Promise to give the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, regardless of whether it has been ratified by any or all EU states.
The Tories need to find one big theme to excite the voter. We have too many messages at the moment and voters don't have a clear idea of what we are offering them.
End the commitment to match Labour on public spending and use the money saved to reduce borrowing faster and offer tax relief to businesses and families.
Labour MPs will lose because of the unpopularity of the Government. Liberal Democrat MPs will be harder to oust. For every £1 raised by Tory HQ and spent in Labour target seats, £2 should be spent in LibDem marginals.
A strong anti-politician message needs to be rolled out that makes it clear that Conservatives will give voters more power and politicians less. We'll give voters powers to sack ethically questionable MPs and we'll stop MPs using taxpayers' money in unaccountable ways.
We need to draw up a list of seven or ten things that will change under a Conservative government and ensure that that list of pledges gets into the hands of every voter in the country.
David Cameron is our best asset. We do better when he's in the news. The party needs to build its appeal around him. He must feature constantly in our leaflets, television broadcasts and internet campaigns.
Keep on the course already set by David Cameron. Last autumn we turned an 11% Labour lead into a Tory lead of an equal amount. With time the current strategy will be enough to elect a Conservative government.