Welcome to version 1.0 of the Environmental Stewardship Survey!

Thank you for participating in the Landscape Ontario Environmental Stewardship Survey. The purpose of this survey is to assist Landscape Ontario members in recognizing which Environmental Best Management Practices (EBMP’s) are currently in place in their businesses and what may be some potential areas for improvement or modification.

This survey is a tool that may also be used by your business in the development of your sustainable programs and initiatives.

The Landscape Ontario Sector groups have identified sector specific EBMP’s and welcome your further suggestions and input. This survey is a “first step” in the environmental stewardship activities at Landscape Ontario and part of the Green For Life movement.

• This is a self scoring survey
• This information will be kept strictly confidential
• This survey will only take approximately 10 minutes to complete
• Feedback from this survey will assist in the further development of Environmental Stewardship initiatives including training opportunities.
• Please answer all questions applicable to your business. Select NA if it does not apply.
• Please use the "others" sections to let us know what other environmental practices you may be aware of.
• Please email comments, suggestions or other feedback to the Environmental Stewardship Committee at environment@landscapeontario.com or use the form at the end of the survey.

Once again, thank you for your participation.

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CNLA is proud to support Landscape Ontario in this initiative!

CNLA is proud to support Landscape Ontario in this initiative!
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