Please rate the presenters that you had a chance to hear. They are arranged by subject area, so feel free to skip any sections.

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  Knowledgeable and Engaging: A++ Interesting, but Needs Improvement I would not attend another workshop by this presenter.
Amazing Sustainable Building Projects from the Fleming College Sustainable Building Design and Construction program (Chris Magwood)
Building a Cathedral Arch for Your Home (Albert Bates)
My Green Home (Revone R. Bauwens)
Understanding LEED Standards (Dorothy Williams)
Healthy, Natural Cleaning—for Pennies (Robyn Griggs Lawrence)
Learn to Think Sustainably About Building (Chris Magwood)
Design Eye for the Green Guy (Nathan Kipnis)
Low-Debt Homes: Considering Financial Sustainability in Housing (Jessica Kellner)
Timber Framing (Stewart Elliott)