Thank you for taking the time out to give your opinion about what issues are important to you. If you give your contact information at the bottom of this survey, Texans for Jason will send you a campaign hat!

* 1. Generally speaking, do you think things are going well here in Texas?

* 2. How often do you hear about things State Representative Jason Villalba is doing in the legislature, like sponsoring bills?

* 3. Based on what you know, how good of a job do you think Jason Villalba is doing as your State Representative?

* 4. Please give your reasoning for the above answer to question #3.

* 5. Below is a list of issues that people want their state government to do something about. Please rank the issues below with one being the lowest priority and 10 being the highest priority.

* 6. Please tell me your biggest concern when you think about the issues in District 114 that you would like your State Representative to solve.

* 7. Contact Information