* 1. Which Heritage Orchard category are you submitting for recognition? (Backyard - at least 6 living fruit trees that are at least 50 years old; Farmstead - at least 10 living trees that are at least 50 years old)

* 2. Who are the owners of the orchard? Please provide the owner's contact information (phone number and/or email). Contact information will not be shared with anyone outside of MSU Extension without written permission.

* 3. What is the address of the orchard? If the exact address of the orchard is unknown, please provide general directions to the orchard from the nearest town.

* 4. When were the fruit trees planted? If you don't know the date, what is your best estimate on the year they were planted.

* 5. What fruit trees are in the orchard, and what are the names of the varieties? If you don't know the variety's name, indicate unknown. Also, please indicate the quantity of each. (ex. Goodmac apple (3 trees), State Fair apple (2 trees), Flemish Beauty pear (2 trees), Mount Royal plum (4 trees), unknown apple (4 trees))

* 6. If you know some of the history of the orchard, please provide that below. (ex. the orchard was planted by my great grandfather in 1945 after coming home from WWII; the trees were purchased from a nursery in New York; the neighbors used to come over every fall and pick the apples to make cider, etc.)

* 7. Please provide any additional comments or information.