Influential Media Figures

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AlterNet frequently brings you many of the leading progressive voices which we know you value. We 'd like to know which ones value the most.

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1. How influential are the following progressive media figures?

  Very Influential Somewhat Influential Not Very Influential Who?
Glen Greenwald
Melissa Harris-Lacewell
Keith Olberrman
Jessica Valenti
Naomi Klein
Frank Rich
Robert Lovato
Barbara Ehrenreich
Ron Reagan
Robert Greenwald
Arianna Huffington
Randy Rhodes
Michael Moore
Paul Krugman
Jim Hightower
Max Blumenthal
Laura Flanders
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Van Jones
Amy Goodman
Patricia Williams
Joan Walsh
Tavis Smiley
Markos Mouilitas
Chris Hedges
Joshua Mica Marshall
David Corn
Jeremy Scahill
Michael Pollan
Matt Taibbi
Pam Spaulding
Jane Hamsher
Bob Herbert
Rachel Maddow
Robert Reich
David Sirota
Bill Greider
Noam Chomsky
Robert Scheer
Bill Moyers