1. Has your company experienced any difficulty in finding qualified applicants?

2. How did your organization respond?

* 3. Please indicate any gaps in workplace “soft skills” you have identified during your recruiting efforts

* 4. In the next 12-24 months, do you expect the size of your workforce will...

5. In the next five years, will your company need employees with…

6. As your business looks toward the future, what type of training will be of most value to you as you seek to improve your workforce? Please prioritize them below.

7. Which of the following is the MOST PREFERRED (or best) indicator of work-readiness for entry level employment with your company or organization?

* 8. Of the skills listed below, which do you feel are deficits for most applicants?

9. How would you rate the overall impact of these skills deficits on your company or organization?

* 10. Please check the category that best describes the business you operate

11. Please add any additional comments you may have concerning identified skill gaps in our workforce or recruiting challenges your organization has encountered