1. Are you currently using NursingCAS at your institution?

2. If so, for which level of program

3. Please specify what programs exactly (or its equivalent)

4. How do you direct students to apply to your program(s) through NursingCAS? Please check all that apply.

5. Is NursingCAS the only application method used by students applying to your nursing program(s)?

6. If not, why do you use an additional method?

7. Do you have a supplemental application?

8. If so, is it through another vendor (i.e. Apply Yourself)? Please specify.

9. Do you use NursingCAS as your supplemental application?

10. Do you have issues with students only filling out your application and not the supplemental?

11. Do you charge a supplemental fee?

12. If yes, do students find the supplemental fee a barrier to applying to your program?

13. Do students find the NursingCAS fee a barrier to applying to your program?

14. Do you require official transcripts to be sent directly to your institution in addition to NursingCAS?

15. If yes, at what point to do you ask for the transcripts?

16. If you do require an applicant to submit transcripts directly to you upon applying, why do you require it?

17. Did you find that the number of calls from applicants regarding their status was less frequent after joining NursingCAS?

18. Did you find that NursingCAS increased or decreased your admissions and/or nursing department workload?

19. Did you find that NursingCAS assisted you with eliminating the burden of processing paper documents?

20. Did you see an increase in applications?

21. Did you see a decrease in applications

22. Has the use of NursingCAS impacted your enrollment or applicant yield?

23. What is the overall quality of the applicant pool from NursingCAS?

24. Would you like a field in which applicants can self-report their test scores? Currently, applicants choose whether or not they have taken or plan to take a specific exam, including month and year of the exam.

25. Are you satisfied with the customer service given to your applicants by the NursingCAS Customer service team?

26. Are you satisfied with the customer service hours of NursingCAS? Current call hours are Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. Emails are answered Monday - Sunday.

27. What student information or ERP system do you use at your institution?

28. Do you import the data from NursingCAS into your system using the export utility in WebAdMIT?

29. Are you currently using WebAdMIT?

30. If yes, how frequently?

31. If no, why are you not using WebAdMIT?

32. Did you complete a training session with the WebAdMIT staff?

33. Would you like additional training in WebAdMIT?

34. How was your training experience with WebAdMIT?

35. What aspects of WebAdMIT do you use most frequently? Please select all that apply.

36. What features do you use the least? Please select all that apply.

37. Are there any features you would like to see added?

38. How is the customer service provided by WebAdMIT?

39. Please comment further on your experience using WebAdMIT.

40. Do you limit the number of graduate programs an applicant can apply to at your school of nursing per term? If so, what is the term limit?

41. For repeated courses, does your program want NursingCAS to include only the most recent grade or all grades in the NursingCAS GPA?

42. How does your program provide applicant files to admissions committee members?

Please note that if an applicant does not enter in coursework then you will not be able to use the tool in WebAdMIT to calculate GPAs, including your institution’s pre-requisite GPA; you will only have access to the GPA and coursework information from the PDF version of the applicant’s transcripts. In addition, you will not be able to export the course work data.

43. Do you use the GPAs calculated by NursingCAS?

44. If yes, which NursingCAS GPAs did your program use as part of your decision-making process in the admissions cycle? (Select all that apply.)

45. What other types of GPA calculations would you like NursingCAS to provide you in WebAdMIT?

46. Do you calculate your own “local” GPA by using the GPA Calculation tool in WebAdMIT?

47. If no, how do you calculate GPAs?

48. Is the course work data valuable to you in making admissions decisions?

49. Which applicants, if any, should enter in course work?

50. If the applicant has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is applying to a doctoral level program, would you prefer that

51. If the applicant has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in nursing and is applying to a doctoral level program, would you prefer that

52. Has an applicant told you that entering in the course work data prevented them from applying through NursingCAS?

Currently NursingCAS closes at the end of each cycle from August 1-15 in order to make updates to the application, effectively restarting the NursingCAS application cycle.

53. Are satisfied currently with the current closure period, August 1-August 15?

54. If no, what would be a better time for the application to close?

55. Do you want applicant data to carry over cycle to cycle?

56. If yes, for how long do you want the applicant data to carry over for?

57. What were your goals in joining NursingCAS?

58. How long did it take you to implement NursingCAS at your institution?

59. What steps did your program take to prepare for and adapt to NursingCAS for the first time?

60. What was the most difficult aspect of transitioning into NursingCAS for the first time?

61. Did you encounter any obstacles to joining NursingCAS?

62. What can the NursingCAS staff do to make it an easier transition?

63. What are the top benefits you have realized from using this service?

64. Do you plan to implement NursingCAS for your other programs?

65. If yes, when do you plan on implementing?

66. Do you have any other comments you would like to add in general?

67. Have you contacted NursingCAS about an issue?

68. If yes, was it resolved?

69. If not, please explain.

70. Were your satisfied with the length of time it took resolve the issue?

71. What can we do to improve NursingCAS?

72. Please comment on your NursingCAS experience thus far.

73. Optional