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1. What is your gender?

2. Which of these is the best multiplayer first-person shooter?

3. Which of these age brackets do you fit into?

4. What best describes your employment status?

5. You are forced to play an MMO, but you can choose which one. Which is it?

6. What is the approximate income of your household?

7. Assuming you are a British-educated internet person, what level of education have you achieved?

8. Who would win in a fight?

9. Which gaming platforms do you own?

10. How long do you spend playing games per week? Be honest! And try to figure it out before guessing...

11. Do you pre-order games?

12. Do you own a PC gamepad?

13. This might be tricky to pick, but what do you think is your favourite genre of game?

14. Do you buy downloadable content for games?

15. If you are a DLC buyer, was it for any or all of these:

16. Did you buy your gaming spec PC as a finished box, or build your own?

17. If bought complete, was it any of the following machines?

18. Is the horse in Shadow Of The Colossus wonky?

19. Which of the following do you intend to purchase in the next 12 months?

20. How much do you spend a year on upgrading your PC?

21. Do you intend to purchase any of the following in the next 12 months?

22. If you watch films at home, which formats do you use?

23. When buying a game, has RPS ever influenced your buying decision?

24. Do you recommend games to friends and family?

25. Do you use digital distribution to buy games?

26. If yes, which services have you used?

27. Did you buy Zeno Clash?

28. How did you originally discover Rock, Paper, Shotgun?

29. Thanks for filling in the survey!