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1. How would you rate the the GPC conference sessions below?

  Not Useful Somewhat Useful Useful Very Useful Extremely Useful Did Not Attend
David Doubilet, National Geographic Society:
Bud Weinstein, Maguire Energy Institute:
Sharon Owens, USPS:
Rishi Dave, Dell:
Donna Harman, AF&PA:
Monica Garvey, Verso Paper:
Chuck Herrig, Target:
Sustainability Panel:
Bill Martin, GAA:
Tim Cavanagh, Comedian:
Matt Huber, JCP:
John Maine, RISI:
Tom Carroll, RRD:
David Blais, Quad:
Overall Experience:

2. How would you rate the Naples Beach Hotel facilities:

  Excellent Good Average Bad NA
Hotel Room:
WiFi Network:
Conference Rooms:

3. Did you see the sponsorship presentations/videos?

4. What are your ideas to grow conference attendance next year?

5. What would you like to see from this conference next year? Hot topics, speakers, etc?