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1. In a typical week, how many times do you exercise?

2. What kind of exercise do you enjoy?

3. What are the things that stop you exercising?

4. What times of day/days of the week would you like to attend an exercise class?

  Early AM (7am-9am) AM (9:30am-12pm) Lunch (12pm-2pm) PM (2pm-3pm) Early evening (5pm-7:30pm) Evening (7:30pm-9:30pm)

5. What types of classes would you attend if they were held locally at a time that suited you?

6. How important is it to bring your child with you/have childcare provided for classes?

  Very Important Important Not Important
Daytime classes
Evening classes
Weekend classes

7. What locations do you prefer to exercise?

8. How far are you willing to travel for classes?

9. What exercise options do you feel are not provided for you in your local area? And how much are you willing to pay for classes?

10. Just a few personal details: Please provide the first part of your postcode and the age of yourself and your children. If you would like a free Active4mums running guide 'Non-runner - 10k' please include your name and email address. This will be emailed to you within 5 working days.