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1. What is the status of geographic education in your school?

Maine Geographic Alliance needs your help in assessing the status of geographic education in Maine. If you are a principal of a large school, you may want to forward this survey to an educator/department chair who can respond.

We know that you are busy; so we are only asking you to respond to 9 questions.

If you have any questions, please reach
Cathleen McAnneny PhD

Maine Geographic Alliance Coordinator
Professor of Geography
University of Maine Farmington
270 Main Street
Farmington, Maine 04938

Thank you very much!

* 1. Please give us some demographic information.

2. At what grade level are geographic concepts introduced?

3. In your school, does geography have a separate curriculum within the social studies area?

4. Do you offer Advanced Placement Human Geography in your curriculum?

5. When was the geography component of your social studies curriculum last revised?

6. When was the last time teachers in your school have had specific
staff development in geographic concepts?

7. How much time is devoted to geography instruction in your school week?

8. How many of your social studies teachers are considered highly qualified in geography?

9. Does your school offer any instruction in geospatial technology? ie: GPS (Geocaching), GIS (geographic information systems), Virtual Globes (Google Earth), Remote Sensing (satellite imagery analysis).

10. If provided with the opportunity, would your school offer geography related professional development to your school’s teachers?

100% of survey complete.