Early in 2014, residents, businesses and the owner of the shopping mall met to talk about our local shopping center. We shared lots of good information and ideas there, and more ideas have popped up on Nextdoor.com and through email. Here's a chance to gather more feedback and ideas. Please take this brief survey before June 30 so we can share the information with the owners, businesses, each other and the city to keep this a favorite place to shop, meet and eat on the eastside.

* 1. How often do you shop at Rolling Meadows Shopping Center?

* 2. Why do or don’t you shop at the Center now?

* 3. What are your top three destinations at the mall? (please list)

* 4. What food or dining choices would you like? Please list up to 5.

* 5. What service choices would you like? Please list up to 5.

* 6. What entertainment choices would you like? Please list up to 5.

* 7. What do you like about the mall?

* 8. What do you dislike about the mall?

* 9. What are some comparable malls – based in neighborhoods, smaller or strip mall type, no large anchor-types – that you like? What is it that you like about that/those malls?

* 10. Is there anything else you’d like to add, share or comment on?

* 11. Please add your neighborhood or zip code.