1. Why do you choose to have a fitness membership with us?

2. What facility do you frequent most regularly?

3. How long have you been a member?

4. What type of membership do you have?

5. How close do you live to the facility you use most regularly?

6. Rank the following in order of importance to you.

7. Do you think our facility is priced (choose one)...

8. Please mark the other facilities at which you have also been a member.

9. If we offered, please mark below which programs you would take advantage of.

10. What new program or class would you like to see offered?

11. What new fitness equipment would you like to see in the next year?

12. Have you ever worked with a personal trainer at the Roseville Sports Center?

13. If not, what prevents you from utilizing personal training?

14. What is your favorite thing about our programs,facilities,or classes?

15. Where can we improve the most?