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* 1. What short field trips sound interesting to you? Please pick your top 2 from the list or fill in an idea. In the other box, please list any that you would like to lead us and plan event. Remember leadership is girl based this year.

2. For the silver and gold awards, you need to complete a journey and a couple of classes. Would you like to... (mark all that apply)

3. Pick top 3 meeting ideas below. In the comments, please add your ideas or tell me which meeting you would like to lead (need leadership hours for the awards and that is our goal is to increase girl leadership this year).

4. Check 2 that you are interested in for meeting programs that may require travel. Please note in other if you would like to lead this program by setting it up and making arrangements with troop (not actually lead it but introduce the speaker). Hope to have 1 meeting and 1 outing / month.

5. Pick top 3 of the 1/2 to full day trips below that you would be interested in doing. Again if you would like to plan the outing vs lead a meeting, make a note in the other box.

6. For a big trip including possible overnight, how would we pay for it? Keep in mind, no one wanted to sell anything except at the Christmas event (may not happen without a chairman/troop to run it).

7. If we could afford a big trip, pick your top option below. We would plan this event all together.

8. Pick your top 2 for community service projects. If you are interested in leading this, please state it in the other box along with additional ideas.

9. How many times would you like to meet a month? Would you be willing to host a meeting at your home? Check all that apply.

10. The big question: when do we meet? Check all that apply. In the other box, please indicate what days work best this fall. We may have to switch it up depending on school activities.