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1. Please rank the following:

  Strongly Disagree Indifferent Strongly Agree
The Operational Tanks workshop was worth my time.
Topics were relevant.
Speakers were well prepared.
The sessions were well organized.
The sessions were well formatted.

2. I will likely attend future Operational Tanks workshops at the MWCC.

3. How did you learn about the conference?

4. What kind of organization best describes your affiliation?

5. Check the box for each session you attended:

6. For future workshops, should the scope of information presented change?

  More broad Stay the same More techincally detailed
I would prefer the information:

7. Who should the workshop be designed for?

  Consultants/contractors Stay the same Owners/operators
I would prefer the focus of the workshop to be for:

8. What would you like to see improved or done differently?

9. What would you like to see stay the same?

10. What topics would you like to see discussed at future conferences? Are you interested in being a presenter?

11. Would you be interested in participating in smaller workshops or conferences if the MoDNR hosted them at their Regional Offices?

12. Are there other locations in Missouri that would that it would be beneficial to host workshops and conferences?

13. Would you prefer to attend future MoDNR conferences via a one day webinar?

14. Would you be interested in participating in a series of hourly MoDNR webinars?

15. What time of the year is the best time for workshops and conferences?

16. Is there anything else you care to share about your experience at this year’s Operational Tanks Conference?