1. Contact Center Benchmarking Survey

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How Does Your Contact Center Performance Compare?

Does your Contact Center handle inbound calls efficiently and effectively? Are your Customer Care Representatives satisfying callers? Is your call answer performance and call quality above average? Join our benchmarking research.

The Ascent Group is benchmarking contact center operations to uncover the most effective techniques and strategies for improving call center operations. See how your Contact Center compares to our database of best practices and best performers by completing our survey.

Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the published report (e-version).

The Ascent Group is a management consulting firm with extensive experience in customer service and call center performance improvement, benchmarking, and best practice discovery, and a leading publisher of customer service journals and reports. 

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Kozlosky at ckk@ascentgroup.com

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*This is a multi-paged survey—you should be able to quit at any time and re-enter the survey (by revisiting the survey-link) where you left off (as long as you are using the same computer browser).

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* 2. Briefly describe your Organization - how employees interact with customers, businesses, typical tasks or services performed or transactions handled, types of calls handled, average number of employees per team or supervisor...

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* 3. Please indicate technology implemented within your call center operation (check all that apply):