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* 1. Thank you for taking the time to help the Manitou Springs Parking Authority Board implement a parking management system in Manitou Springs. This short survey will help us learn more about the parking patterns and needs within the downtown area and should only take a few minutes of your time.
Please help us identify the parking management needs near your place of business by providing your address. (Please note: your information will only be shared internally and not publicized or used for commercial purposes.) Unfortunately, surveys that don’t provide an address cannot be factored into the survey results.

2. What type of business do you operate?

3. How many employees, including you, are on property each shift during peak season?

4. How many drive a personal vehicle to work daily?

* 5. If there was designated employee parking, what hours of the day would the parking need to be available during peak season?

6. Do you have any need to accommodate parking for handicapped patrons or staff?

7. Do you have any need for a curbside loading zone (in and out customer traffic)?

8. Are there residential units in your building?

9. Is there any private, off-street parking associated with this property?

10. Do you purchase parking passes for the downtown surface parking lots?

11. Do you purchase parking passes for the downtown surface parking lots?

12. Do you, or does anyone, provide passes to tenants in the building?

13. Thank you for your time and input. Please indicate if you would like to have your name placed into a drawing to win an annual surface parking lot permit

14. Please provide contact information here if you would like to be notified of future meetings or information regarding the implementation of parking management in your residential area. (Optional)

15. Please use the space below for any parking management related comments or additional information you think would be useful. Thank you for taking the time to assist us.