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100% of survey complete.

* 1. How many times have you used CPAP?

* 2. After your initial assessment of the patient, which respiratory disease best describes your patient?

3. Once the patient was on CPAP did the patients vital signs, respiratory rate and effort improve?

4. How well did your patient tolerate CPAP?

* 5. Have you experienced any problems or leaks that you could not fix on scene?

6. Each CPAP unit was equipped with two designated O2 bottles to run the generator. Has this been an adequate amount of oxygen to go from scene to hospital?

* 7. If you notified the hospital of your patient being on CPAP was the hospital ready for you upon your arrival?

* 8. Which hospital did you transport to? Please use the transport to code, to complete this answer

* 9. If you experienced a significant delay in transferring your patient to the hospital CPAP, please explain

10. Once patient was placed on CPAP, are you aware of the patient being intubated either before or after transfer of care to the ER?