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The purpose of the "Songs of Our People: Curriculum Project" is to link the informal learning cultures of California tribal communities within the California public education system in order to produce the following benefits:

•Bridge the information gap experienced by California public school teachers who lack resources and methods for implementing the mandatory 4th grade social sciences curriculum on California Indian history and culture in a manner that is culturally appropriate for Native and non-Native students;

•Provide points of enculturation for Native students and instructional resources on California Indian histories and cultures; and

•Engender respect and awareness of California tribal cultures among teachers and other students to foster a supportive, inclusive classroom environment for California Native students and further teacher professional development.

The goal of the project is to discover, document and develop methods for inserting culturally appropriate educational strategies into California tribal school and public school curricula to aid 4th grade instruction on California Indian history and culture.

The first step in accomplishing this goal is to conduct a needs assessment survey to determine what the current curricula and lesson plans contain and what they lack with respect to California Indian histories, cultures and activities. This survey is designed for teachers, parents, students, tribal elders, and others who are interested in improving the current curricula.

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Thank you for participating in this survey!