Survey number 1

Help us to answer those awkward questions we can't answer ourselves - thank you !

* 1. We currently sell "all your images" in a race at Full Resolution.
We also sell individual images at full, medium resolution and screen resolution (800px on long side)

Would you be interested in buying the collection of images at screen resolution

* 2. Given an individual screen resolution image retails for £5.99, select the nearest price for a collection containing on average 10 images - that would maximise value and not drive us out of business !?

* 3. What percentage of people do you think buy their race photos ? select the nearest value to your estimate

* 4. Have you ever bought a race photo ? (from any company!)

* 5. what percentage of images do you think people try to copy with watermarks illegally from our galleries ?

* 6. You know that taking copies of images from the internet, even without a watermark, is technically theft don't you (unless there is explicit information saying otherwise) ?

* 7. If you had a cool and technical fabric Sussex Sport Photography Tshirt and got a free image upgrade to full resolution if you bought a screen resolution picture of yourself running in one at a race - would you wear the Tshirt in a race ?

* 8. What question didn't I ask that you wanted to answer, and why ?