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* 1. Have you ever been scuba diving in Indiana? (if “No,” skip to question #4)

2. If yes, how often do you go diving in Indiana?

3. If you have been scuba diving in Indiana, where have you been?

4. If you have not been scuba diving in Indiana, why not?

* 5. Other states have programs where specific shipwreck sites are designated as preserves, with additional information resources available (such as ship history, maps, websites, etc.). If Indiana were to develop such a shipwreck preserve system, which Indiana shipwreck sites would you like included in a preserve program?

* 6. What supporting materials would you like to have for such an Indiana preserve or preserve system?

* 7. The next four questions deal with diving shipwreck sites. When diving to shipwreck sites, how does your boat or the boat you are diving from moor to the site?

* 8. Did you find the buoys adequate, or were too small or too few?

9. If you had other problems with the mooring buoy system, what were they?

* 10. When diving to other shipwreck sites, what state and place did you dive?