* 1. How did you hear about Union St?

* 2. Are you involved in

* 3. How would you describe your current workspace?

* 4. Which of these apply to you?

* 5. If you were to access the services available from Union St (including hot-desking, co-working, enterprise support, meeting & event space) how often would be most suitable for you?

* 6. Our new intern Lizzie is currently developing our first newsletter, featuring an overview of the individuals and organisations currently involved in Union St. Would you like to receive a copy via email?

* 7. Over the next few weeks we're starting to invite people to visit Union St for a cuppa to meet the team and see what we're planning. Would you like to visit?

* 8. Thanks very much for completing this questionnaire. Finally, to meet your workspace needs, if there anything you could recommend that would be important to you?

* 9. To help us respond, please let us know who you are, otherwise it's REALLY frustrating to receive anonymous survey responses!