Describe Your Struggle in a sentence.

My hope is that by all of us describing what our struggles feel like, those who don't experience it will have a better understanding of what it feels like in our skin.

For example, my depression sometimes feels like the world is rollerblading and I'm on crutches. Short and to the point. Not a story.

Thanks for participating.


* 1. Give us your name, or if you want to be anonymous, a fake name. These results will be available for others to see, but we do not collect any other personal info on you. Not even your IP address.

* 2. What sex/gender are you?

* 3. What best describes your sexual orientation?

* 4. How old are you?

* 5. If you struggle with any of these, in a FEW words, describe what it feels like.

* 6. Give us a snapshot moment from your life that highlights one of your issues/struggles.

* 7. Any ideas or comments to make the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast better?