Survey purpose and overview

This survey is designed to capture the experiences of people who have disabilities related to accessing medical care. If you have a disability and are a resident of Arizona we need your input. Your responses will be used to help create an accurate picture of access to medical providers for people who have disabilities living in Arizona. Our goal is to improve access for all; the survey is designed to gather input from people who have a wide variety of disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal and state laws require equal access to medical care for people who have disabilities. Accessibility in health care facilities means not only “getting through the door” features, such as accessible parking and ramps, but also accessible interior features such as bathrooms, reception counters and exam rooms. Accessible healthcare also requires the provision of assistive listening devices and other services for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and alternative formats for all printed forms and materials that are critical to receiving services from a healthcare provider. In addition, accessible medical facilities must provide equal access to medical equipment, including weight scales, exam tables and other diagnostic equipment.

When answering the following questions, please consider these types of barriers that may be found in some medical settings:

• Failure to respond to and provide accommodations when requested.
• Lack of accessible parking
• Lack of an accessible route into the building
• Narrow doorways
• Inaccessible bathrooms
• High check-in counters
• Inaccessible weight scales
• High exam tables
• Lack of staff to assist in accessing medical equipment
• Inaccessible diagnostic equipment (x-ray, mammography, etc.)
• Failure to provide interpreter services for individuals who are deaf
• Failure to provide assistive listening devices and other services for individuals who are hard of hearing
• Required forms and documentation not offered in an accessible format or read to you in a private setting

Please note that your survey responses are confidential. You will have the option at the end of the survey to provide contact information should you wish to discuss the survey and or your responses.