* 1. Which school does your child attend? (If you have more than one child in CISD, please take separate survey for each school.)

2. My child's school is safe and secure.

3. Students feel safe and secure at this school.

4. I trust this school is prepared to respond in an emergency or crisis.

5. School disturbances are infrequent.

6. Gangs are not a problem at this school.

7. Everyone's racial and ethnic heritage is respected at this school.

8. The school safety procedures are clear and known by students and staff.

9. The consequences for violating safety procedures are applied consistently.

10. Security or campus police officers are respected and liked by the students.

11. The effects of vandalism on campus are quickly repaired.

12. The school buildings are free of hazards that can cause accidental injury.

13. The classrooms are well maintained and inviting places to teach and learn.

14. I am required to produce a photo ID before I visit inside the school.

15. I am required to sign in and I am issued a visitor's pass when at the school.

16. I think the school's dismissal procedures are safe.

17. I think the school's arrival procedures are safe.

18. Do you have any other school safety-related comments, questions or concerns?