Pre-travel information

This form is a way for the College of Nursing to keep track of international travel by its faculty. An accurate and up-to-date record of our international activities will help maintain a record of the CON's many partnerships.

1. Who will be traveling?

2. Is this person ...

3. Who else will be traveling?

4. Is this person ...

5. Who else will be traveling?

6. Is this person ...

7. Who else will be traveling?

8. Is this person ...

* 9. Please list the locations you'll be visiting.

10. What is the departure date for your trip?

Departure date

11. What is the return date?

Return date

12. What is/are the purpose/s of your trip? (check all that apply)

13. Is the funding source for this trip ... (check all that apply)

14. Please list the key people you expect to meet, including their titles and organizational affiliations.

15. Post-trip -- any additional information to include (changes in planned itinerary/activities, additional key people met, etc.)?