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1. Please tell us which district/ESD/organization you represent.

2. What is your role?

3. How satisfied are you now with the quality of data your organization collects and submits?

  Not satisfied at all Lots of room for improvement Some room for improvement A little room for improvement Satisfied as can be
Satisfaction level

4. Please tell us about your rating above.

5. Name your top three areas for improving data quality, in order of importance.

6. How many data submitters do you have? What training do they receive?

7. What kind of training from ODE would help you improve data quality?

8. What are you doing to ensure high-quality data for the teacher-student link collections? (IUID, Class Roster, next year's Staff Assignment)

9. Are there any data coming back from ODE that you do not use because of data quality concerns?

10. Please share any additional comments you may have about data quality.