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GelThotics Trial User's Survey

This survey is being used to compile the results of GelThotics trial users.

1. How often do you experience foot, knee, or lower back pain?

2. What are you doing when you have foot, knee, or lower back pain? Check all that apply.

* 3. In a few words, can you describe your foot, knee, or lower back pain?

4. Do you find that using GelThotics reduces the pain described above?

5. Are you using GelThotics in more than one set of shoes? Check all that apply

6. Do you find the softness of silicone comfortable?

7. Were you able to notice significant support in such a soft product?

8. Have you worn orthotics before? Check all that apply.

9. Does the use of GelThotics make your shoes more comfortable?

10. Would you recommend GelThotics to co-workers, family and friends?