* 1. We are gauging community interest in holding a rally prior to the April STSD school board meeting. Do you think stakeholders should hold a rally prior to the next meeting?

* 2. If a rally is held, on what issues should attendees focus?

* 3. If there is a rally held an hour or so prior to the next school board meeting, will you participate?

4. If there is a rally, will you attempt to get other stakeholders to attend?

5. If there is a rally, will you be willing to do any of the following? If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to stsdfuture@verizon.net

6. What is your affiliation with STSD?

7. How effectively is the current school board meeting the needs of the STSD stakeholders?

8. If you have a child in the district, do you believe your child is receiving a quality education?

9. What other thoughts or ideas do you have regarding a potential rally?

10. What is the best method of communicating with you regarding a rally should you require additional information. If you wish to receive information, please send your contact information to stsdfuture@verizon.net