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Lovin' Parks and Recreation: 125 Year Quiz

1. On which two Conservation 20/20 preserves may you ride your horse?

2. Which domestic animals are allowed in Prairie Pines Preserve?

3. What two rare and protected species can be found in the Deep Lagoon Preserve?

4. Imperial River Preserve, a 39-acre tidal swamp bordered by Little Hickory Bay, consists of which dominant plant species?

5. Prairie Pines Preserve, a preserve with nature trails, bird watching, horseback riding and guided walks is located where?

6. The Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail consists of how many miles of paddling trails?

7. What invasive species can be found when visiting Yellow Fever Creek Preserve?

8. What process is needed throughout the preserves as an important restoration activity that benefits many Florida plant and animal species?

9. This park was purchased to preserve gopher tortoise habitat as mitigation (to offset the impacts) for destruction of gopher tortoises and their habitat by developers.

10. How many observation decks are available for viewing natural wildlife when you visit Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve?

11. What historic cottage can be found in the Mantanzas Pass Preserve?

12. Telegraph Creek Preserve provides a habitat for numerous listed species including:

13. How many preserves can be found in Lee County?

14. The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is over 3,200 acres of a wetland ecosystem! When visiting the preserve, you are likely to see what types of wildlife?

15. Why do land managers use prescribed fire in the woods?

16. How many acres has the Conservation 20/20 program acquired?

17. What is an example of a program of the Department of Parks & Recreation?

18. When was Terry Park the home to the Lee County Fair; later to be renamed the Southwest Florida Fair?

19. One was able to watch a drive-in movie from the property that became which regional park?

20. Which Community Center is listed on the National Historic Register?

21. Which Lee County Parks & Recreation Community pool was the last pool to be built in 1989?

22. Which Lee County Parks & Recreation Community pool is the only pool to have a three flume slide?

23. At which County Park can you pitch a tent for the weekend?

24. Which Lee County Parks & Recreation Community pool was first built in 1972?

25. Hickey's Creek Mitigation Park opened in 2002 in concurrence with what special day?

26. The Island School, the first charter school in Lee County, is located at what Parks & Recreation facility?

27. This park is named after the former Director of Lee County Parks & Recreation.

28. What Accreditation does Lee County Parks & Recreation currently possess?

29. Hickey's Creek Mitigation Park is co-managed by the Lee County Department of Parks & Recreation and the ______.

30. How many miles of hiking trails does Hickey's Creek Mitigation Park offer?

31. In addition to hiking trails, Caloosahatchee Regional Park offers:

32. This 18-hole disc golf course meanders through the woods and trails at what park?

33. What was the original name of Veteran’s Community Park?

34. What is Lee County’s oldest park?

35. How many acres of conservation lands and parks does Lee County Parks & Recreation manage?

36. Lee County Parks & Recreation has _____ centers that have many activities including tennis, basketball, picnic areas, volleyball, walking trails, etc.

37. A good public place to go for dog friendly fun activities is:

38. When visiting Manatee Park, the optimum viewing times for manatees is when the gulf temperature falls below:

39. A great place for sponsored walks/runs, fundraisers or community events as well as small gatherings such as birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations that coincide with the native species of plants and vast variety of wildlife can be found in which park?

40. What is the name of the park that has the SW Florida Marine Institute, Trico Shrimp Co., Government use boat ramp and a nature trail?

41. On average, how many days a year do we get to enjoy sunshine in Lee County Parks?

42. What year did Manatee Park open to the public?

43. The Buckingham Community Center, formerly known as the Buckingham School House closed its doors to students in what year?

44. What color umbrellas will you find at all of Lee County’s year-round community pools?

45. All Lee County Parks & Recreation Community Pools close when there is lightning in the area. What distance from the pool does the lightening have to be for the pools to close?

46. All Lee County Parks & Recreation Community Pools offer which of the following programs:

47. This center provides programming for a variety of ages and abilities and its programs are designed to give participants with special needs an opportunity to get involved in Special Olympics.

48. What is the number of Parks & Recreation budgeted positions for fiscal year 2012?

49. What are the dates of the County’s fiscal year?

50. JetBlue Park, the new Spring Training ballpark and adjoining Player Development Complex for the Boston Red Sox, has a number of characteristics inspired by what famous ball field?

51. How many Hall of Famers played at Terry Park?

52. What year did the Lee County Sports Complex open?

53. How many teams have won a World Series while Spring Training in Lee County?

54. Which major league teams used Terry Park for their spring training facility?

55. What year did the Minnesota Twins begin spring training at the Lee County Sports Complex?

56. What annual baseball tournament is held at Terry Park and the Lee County Sports Complex?

57. What city did the Minnesota Twins leave to come to Lee County for Spring Training?

58. What teams called Terry Park Home for Spring Training?

59. If you were to visit the Lee County Sports Complex/Hammond Stadium, spring training stadium of the Minnesota Twins, how many light poles would you find in the stadium field?

60. If you were looking for a location for year round baseball leagues, tournaments and special events, such as the Roy Hobbs Baseball Classic, which park would be an ideal facility?

61. Terry Park has _(_#_)_ lighted fields with spectator seating including a covered grandstand on the main field.

62. What event did Lee County Parks & Recreation start 21 years ago?

63. When visiting Matanzas Pass Preserve, nearly 60 acres of unspoiled sanctuary, what unique sight can be found that is one of the last of its kind in this area?

64. What body of water comprises Lee County‘s border on the West?

65. If you were to visit Bunche Beach, a natural tidal wetlands area located on Estero Bay, what type of ecosystem would you encounter?

66. Bowditch Point Regional Park, 17 acres located at the northern tip of Estero Island, is a beach with an incredible viewing area and an amphitheater-style seating arrangement made for enjoying what views?

67. The waters that surround Gasparilla Island and the town of Boca Grande are known by fisherman as the

68. What local boat ramp includes a 2 slip boat launching facility that offers 23 designated parking spaces for vehicles with trailers (small parking fees), Overnight Parking (allowed up to 3 days or 72 hours), as well as cottages available for rent?

69. This popular Lee County Parks & Recreation boat ramp gives access to the west side of Pine Island and premier fishing grounds of Pine Island Sound plus access to bridgeless barrier islands such as North Captiva, Cabbage Key and Cayo Costa. It is also home to the commercial ferry that takes you to the same isolated islands.

70. What does Wa-Ke Hatchee mean?

71. Which of the following is the name of a current dog facility in Lee County Parks & Recreation?

72. What is the approximate 2012 Parks & Recreation budget?

73. Famous individuals who have visited Terry Park include:

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