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1. What size is your boat in feet?

2. Do you live aboard?

3. In general, how many times monthly do you take your boat out during the boating months?

4. What do you consider your primary boating activity?

5. Where do you go boating?

6. Where do you buy your fuel?

7. Do you have a head on your boat?

8. If yes, do you use it?

9. If you do have a head, is your y-valve locked at all times?

10. If no, did you know that it is required by law to have it locked at all times unless you are 3 miles or more out in the Gulf of Mexico?

11. If you have a head, is your sewage pumped out?

12. If yes, where or by whom do you have it pumped out?

13. If no, why not?

14. If no, are there any changes that could be made that would convince you to begin pumping out?

This project is funded in part by a grant from the Coastal Coordination Council pursuant to National Ocaeanic and Atmospheric Administration award NO. NA08NOS4190458.